Immediate Need

Use our secure online booking system to find and reserve single day emergency care (up to a week in advance). Spaces often open on a daily basis.

How to Book Care

  1. Login to your All About Kids account. (Not a member? Create your free account here)
  2. Select the Book Now! below
  3. Enter some basic information about yourself and the child you are booking
  4. Select a location and your child's age group
  5. An availability calender will appear (the number in the chart represents the number of spaces available in each room on any given day)
  6. Select the date you would like to book
  7. Select 'Submit Request' to be billed later, or 'Pay Now' to make a secure payment via Pay Pal.

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking within minutes.

Priority Membership
Child Care Providers

Main Office: 416-977-0555 Back-up Care Support: 416-333-2396

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