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What Parents are saying about
All About Kids Childcare Centres

“As a first time mom my biggest concern returning to work was finding a daycare, not just any daycare but one that met a long list of requirements to care for my then infant son. I researched a number of centres but chose All About Kids for the amazing team of professionals who have since become a wonderful part of our family. I have been continually impressed over the years with not only their level of professionalism, flexibility and dedication but their ability to create a fun and loving atmosphere for my children to learn and explore each day.” ~ Bob & Sandy Hamilton

“A big THANKS to all staff members at All About Kids in Markham! Our son grew up full of their love, cuddles, laughs and care. It was so touching to see him achieving milestones with your team; he would never had the success without help from all of you. As a working mom with a special needs child, I have been worry free at work in the past years because you were here to help!...I'm so proud to have such a great centre in our community to help families out.” ~ Lolita & Ivan Mak

“Thanks very much to Sherry for always being there for us. We have been with All About Kids North Toronto for 3 years now and are very happy with the excellent service and personal attention that you and the other caregivers provide.We are comfortable to say that every time we drop off our son he is in the best care possible and we no longer need to watch him endlessly on the web camera. Looking forward to having my daughter in your daycare in a couple of months.” ~ Sarah Mitakis

“Our 4 year old son attends the All About Kids North Toronto centre on a part time basis, and he is an entirely different child than the one that walked through their doors for the first time 8 months ago! From a shy and frightened 3.5 yr old, to a more confident, social and friendly little boy ready to conquer kindergarten! Each day he leaves with a smile and is looking forward to the next day with all his patient, creative and caring teachers. Not only are the teaching staff organized but they clearly care about the kids, greeting them with hugs and geniune smiles each day... we would highly recommend All About Kids to friends and family as a clean, healthy and happy environment where kids really do come first!” ~ Julie Weiss

“I brought my first child into to the All About Kids North Toronto toddler room almost three years ago, and later brought in my second child into the infant room. The staff were always pleasant and helpful. I always felt like I was leaving my children with family... Sherry does a great job with the way the centre is organised and I could not find a negative point if I tried. She has shown my children that daycare is not just a place where you drop off your children but a place where you grow to love.” ~ Diane Mamo

“We were so excited for our daughter to join the pre-school room at All About Kids. We knew from previous experience the program would be great, but to say the staff have exceeded our expectations would be an understatement! It's obvious she feels very comfortable in her new daycare when she barely looks back to say goodbye! This tells me she is treated with lots of love and care throughout the day and that the program is developed on point to hold her interest.” ~ Elaine

“Thank you for everything you've done for our daughter and our family. You taught us when to let go of her soother, when it was time to learn about the potty...Thank you for loving her when we could not be with her. She learned so much with you. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend All About Kids. You are the very best!” ~ Jenn & Craig Covent-Gavdavr

“I currently live in Los Angeles and had to move to Toronto temporarily for an undetermined amount of time last August to care for my ailing mother. I had to uproot my 3 year old from his school and home in LA which was causing me much anxiety. All About Kids was the third place I visited and the last. Their back up care service gave me not only the flexibility I needed for child care but a sense of security. The teachers are outstanding and from day one I witnessed people who were committed to giving the best child care possible. I could tell each and every one of them LOVED their job! In fact, I prefer this school to the one my son was attending in LA! He was given as much attention as the other children who came on a regular basis. All About Kids will forever be a part of our family's story because they helped make an extremely difficult and sad time in our lives, bearable.” ~ Saskia Garel

“I really need All About Kids backup care! A reliable service that offers consistent care for my daughter in a welcoming environment that she is familiar with..” ~ Suman Goyal

“All About Kids is an awesome daycare with competent, experienced, dependable staff. My daughter is learning a lot of new skills and I am happy knowing she is in their care.” ~ Jolie Chen

More info: www.careconnectnetwork.ca


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