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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long has All About Kids been in operation?

    All About Kids has been in operation since 1999, providing quality childcare at various locations throughout the GTA.  Since it’s inception, All About Kids has also provided back-up care and event care to it’s numerous corporate clients.

  2. What are your staff qualifications and hiring practices?

    All of our staff are qualified Teachers, Registered Early Childhood Educators (ECE) and Early Childhood assistants from accredited college programs, or assistants with a minimum of 1 year in the child care industry. All of our ECE’s are members of the College of Early Childhood Educators.

    All of our staff members have completed a rigorous interview, an in-centre trial and have been subject to three stringent business reference checks.

    Additionally, all staff undergoes satisfactory criminal reference check and has been or will be trained in CPR/First Aid.

  3. What if I'm going to be away on holidays?

    As it is impossible to fill a spot for a temporary absence, there is no reduction in the fees for the days that a child is absent, whether due to illness, absenteeism, professional activity days, school closure for extreme weather, holidays or family vacation.

  4. If my child gets sick what is your policy?

    Parents should contact the office before 9:00 am if a child is going to be absent or late. All About Kids Health Policy requires that children are symptom free, for 24 hours, including fever, vomiting and diarrhea, before returning to the centre.

    If your child develops an illness during the day, we will do our best to contact a parent or guardian. It is imperative that parents provide updated medical and emergency contact information for their child/ren.

  5. What if I'm late picking up in the evening?

    On the occasion when an emergency arises and a parent is going to be late, they are required to call in to let staff know that they are going to be late. If we are not able to contact a parents or guardian, after a half hour from close, it is our legal obligation to contact the Children’s Aid Society. 

    There is be a $1.00 charge per child payable to the staff on duty for every 1 (one) minute after 6:00 pm.  For those enrolled in the part-time morning program, there is be a $1.00 charge per child payable to the staff on duty for every 1 (one) minute after 1:00 pm (pick up time is 12:45).

    Although the late pick-up fee is a measure of compensating staff for their over-time, we encourage parents to keep in mind that staff have other commitments which they schedule around their shifts and lateness is an impingement on and directly affects staff personal time. Monetary compensation is of little value when lateness interferes with scheduled classes and appointments.

  6. How do I gain access to the web cameras?

    All About Kids is affiliated with Daycare Webwatch who provides the web camera service to our locations. Setup is easy. When you complete the registration forms, just ensure that you have included your email address on the form. We will send a request to Daycare Webwatch to register you as a new user. At that time, Daycare Webwatch will send you an introductory welcome email with your password and login information.

  7. I am having difficulty logging into the web cameras.  What can I do?

    Our technical support representative is always available to assist. You can email him at todd@daycarewebwatch.com. Please note, some workplaces, such as hospitals and government offices have firewalls so you may be unable to access the web cameras from computers at that location. If possible, Todd will be more than happy to assist you with this issue.

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