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All About Kids Philosophy

All About Kids nurtures, supports and stimulates each child’s unique being. Our developmentally and age appropriate hands on approach to learning, our health and safety practices, and most of all our wonderful caregivers help to create our Learning, Doing, Being philosophy and a place that is truly all about the kids!

Kids are always Learning

The educational programming at all our centres includes opportunities for creative, language, science and sensory, cognitive, dramatic, and outdoor learning experiences. Whether it be mastering fine motor skills (such as lacing string on a T-Rex or fitting alphabet puzzles in the correct spot), printing their name, reading aloud (either correctly or creating their own story from pictures), creating artwork masterpieces (such as paper bag puppets or hibernating bears), ...each child is challenged to reach their full learning potential.

Kids are always Doing

We provide a loving, secure environment where kids can feel confident to try new things. We allow children to explore at their own pace and while do make time to do things as a group we also give children time to choose - time to do the things they love to do. Our learn by doing approach provides opportunities for children to engage in familiar and new experiences such as exploring sensory materials while getting dirty making castles in the sand box, making observations such as guessing what will happen if you mix baking soda and vinegar in a paper mache volcano, finger painting everywhere their hands can reach, and dance and sing their little hearts out! When a child builds confidence they will and can do whatever they put their mind to.

Kids are always Being

We ensure that each child in our care is secure and comfortable so that they feel free to be themselves. By offering free play and free-choice activities, children can express themselves in the most natural ways possible and be the best of who they are, not who they think we want them to be. We believe that kids need to be kids and by playing, whether by themselves or in a group, helps them express how they’re feeling and discover things that they’re passionate about. Playing dress up complete with dialogue, helping a bunny with a broken leg while playing in the veterinary drama centre, talking to themselves in the mirror or simply being allowed to wiggle at circle time are only some examples of the beautiful ways kids are just free to be.

Our philosophy guides us and allows us to implement high quality programs and learning experiences that help make children feel Comfortable, Confident and Challenged.

The All About Kids Way

At All About Kids we do not follow one type of approach to learning. Our philosophy is one that follows no other in its entirety. While we may incorporate the best aspects from many different disciplines in our programming, such as focusing on the whole child (Waldorf Education) and planning for academic success (Montessori), we also value the importance of placing high priority on self-reliance (Emergent Curriculum) and socialization. Simply put letting children be children (High Scope) is important too!

If we had to label our philosophy we would most likely call it a Reflective Approach. Kids are different, families are different, communities are different, and experiences amongst kids are varied. Our philosophy is sensitive to the individual child as it mirrors the unique circumstances of the child and his or her environment.

At All About Kids, we have an open door policy and strongly believe that an important part of a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development here at All About Kids lies in the interaction we have with the family, not just the little ones in our care. We believe that parents are the experts of their children. By maintaining ongoing open communication and getting to know our families we are able to apply our education and experience in early childhood education to the child’s natural environment. A sense of familiarity and consistency between a child’s home, the community and learning environment helps the child feel comfortable, confident and challenged. When a child feels this sense of security they can unleash their natural love of learning and exploration.

Ellen Pazuki, RECE, OCT
Regional Manager, All About Kids
Care Coordinator, Care Connect Network


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