Providing kids with healthy meals that they like to eat is very important to us! Our balanced meal plans give kids the energy and nutrition their growing bodies rely on.

Every All About Kids location proudly serves fresh, home-cooked meals made from scratch – no additives or preservatives. Our kitchens have full-time, dedicated cooks who love preparing a variety of nutritious and enjoyable children’s snacks and lunches.

All of our meal plans follow the new improved Canada Food Guide and include three servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. Meals also include whole grains, lean meats and low sugar recipes, and monthly rotating schedules ensure that each days menu is different from the last. We also accommodate allergy and other dietary restrictions. 

Example Day

Morning Snack


Afternoon Snack


All About Kids recognizes that every child is developing a sense of self, health and well-being. Providing healthy meals and snacks is one aspect of supporting children in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our educators also develop programs to enhance abilities such as self-care, sense of self and self-regulation skills through active play and supporting healthy choices. 

Children thrive in our natural outdoor spaces that provide manageable levels of challenges and reasonable risks. A safe and stimulating environment is created to support children’s growing independence as they learn strategies to effectively deal with stressors. 

Throughout the day opportunities for quiet and rest time is provided in order for the children to relax and recharge. Educators are also responsive to children’s cues adapting activities and environments that support the varied abilities and needs. 


Head Office:
All About Kids
17 Cornell Meadows Avenue, Units 1-3
Markham ON  L6B 1B6

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