Our Vision

Your child’s care is our highest priority

All About Kids’ facilities reflect our philosophy that children require a loving, nurturing, and secure environment in order to thrive.

Learning by Doing

Our learning environments are set up to encourage children to explore and have fun while staff act as observers and co-learners during children’s play. Caregivers join the children at their level engaging in meaningful teaching experiences. We encourage play and inquiry by providing child initiated and adult-supported experiences in Language, Numeracy, Science & Sensory.

While children are at play, staff take notice and record observations using the Early Learning for Every Child (ELECT) observation and documentation tool and are constantly planning the curriculum around these observations.

Our Philosophy

For parents, deciding which philosophy or type of child care environment best suits their child can be a challenge. Where one child might benefit from Montessori based learning, another might thrive in a centre that follows a High Scope educational approach.

People often ask us what philosophy our programs follow. We feel that by taking the best aspects from a number of disciplines, our centres offer a well-rounded, balanced approach that all children thrive in. Our focus is on the whole child (Waldorf Education) and while there is emphasis is on academics (Montessori) we also place a high priority on self-reliance (Emergent Curriculum), socialization and letting children be children (High Scope).

We believe that what parents really want is for their child to be comfortable, confident and challenged so that they may develop a love for learning and accomplishment. Comfortable, confident and challenged are words that have become part of our day-to-day philosophy.

“In Play, Children Learn how to Learn”

Head Office:
All About Kids
17 Cornell Meadows Avenue, Units 1-3
Markham ON  L6B 1B6

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