Covid Holiday Safety 2020

Keeping Safe over the 2020 Holiday Season

The successful reopening of our centres would not have been possible without everyone’s support and understanding as we have been navigating through all the public health and safety measures to ensure our programs and environments remain safe and positive for the children and educators.

With the holiday season approaching, we want to remind our families, the importance of adhering to the health and safety protocols aimed to protect us all while limiting the spread of COVID-19 at All About Kids.

During the holidays, it is important for everyone to adhere to the public health measures in our community, at home with family, at work, and at child care. By following public health advice, we can all have a safe and fun holiday season. You can check the government’s holiday web page for more direct and up-to-date guidance on how individuals and families can plan for a safe holiday season.

Throughout the holiday season, All About Kids will continue to:

  • Reinforce masking and hand hygiene etiquette, as well as physical distancing
  • Limit interactions between groups of children and staff/providers
  • Ensure that everyone is screened before they enter the child care premises
  • Perform enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of the toys, equipment, and premises

All children, students, staff, and visitors must be screened for symptoms of illness every day before attending child care. Our screening tool has been developed to align with the provincial COVID-19 school screening tool. As a reminder, individuals showing symptoms of illness should not attend the child care program. Based on the screening results, your child may be asked to stay home, self-isolate, get tested for COVID-19 unless an alternative diagnosis is provided by a health care provider.

We encourage you to visit to learn the public health measures in place in our community and remind you that these measures could change depending on public health trends, so please visit the website regularly. We also suggest checking out your regional website as they may also have helpful resources and supports. We will continue to amend our Pandemic Policy to align with regional requirements and provide copies to our families and staff once updates are made.

If you have any questions about what All About Kids is doing to protect your children and family in response to COVID-19, please contact your centres supervisor or

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