After-School Programs

Convenient Before and After Care for ages 5-12 years

Our before and after school programs are designed for children aged six to 12 years of age. It is a space for children to unwind after a busy day at school and engage in fun, different and interactive experiences with their peers. We encourage school age children to be active participants and include their input in the program planning. Our programs are structured to provide opportunities for choice and independence through stimulating and self-motivating activities. Our educators implement activities that are driven by the children’s interests and needs as well as enhancing life skills. We focus on nurturing the individual development of the child and make the program flexible and adaptive.

Morning Program

The morning program offers parents a place to bring their children before the school day begins and gives children an opportunity to socialize and burn off steam until it is time to depart for school and face the challenges of their day.

Early arrivals, between 7:00 and 7:30am, will be offered a light, nutritious breakfast.  Children are offered free play and access to play areas including:

Our childcare providers will walk the children to the school and will remain with the children until the bell has rung and they have entered the school.

After School Program

The after school program provides a place for children to play, socialize and unwind after a busy day at school.  The program is designed to meet the needs of each child by providing a variety of activities geared toward their interests.

The program begins immediately after school as our childcare providers pick up the children from the school and ensure they are brought to the all about kids premises.  Children are provided with a nutritious snack and, weather permitting, outdoor play in the playground.

Indoor activities include:

The chart below describes developmental areas of our infant program and some of the exercises we use to strengthen them.

Area Activities & Exercises
Language Arts • Reading fiction and non-fiction
• Writing and Journaling
• Music listening centre
Creative Arts • Clay painting
• Group murals
• Beading
• Paper maché
Gross Motor • Team games
• Sports, soccer and basketball
• Parachute games
• Skipping and hopscotch
Math • Building and Construction projects using geometric shapes
• Measurement through cooking and baking
• Board and card games
Science • Planting and environmental projects
• Space and time
• Weather experiments

As part of our security policy, our centres are closed to the public. If you are interested in visiting one of our locations, we would be happy to book a tour with you. We also accept online childcare registrations at all of our childcare locations.

Head Office:
All About Kids
17 Cornell Meadows Avenue, Units 1-3
Markham ON  L6B 1B6

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