Pre-school Program

2.5 years to 5 years

In the preschool years, children become capable of understanding more about the world around them and are constantly on the lookout for new objects, ideas and activities. Their curiosity is endless as they try to understand the “why” in everything.

Preschoolers are able to express themselves verbally and use language as a social tool. Friends and playmates become important. Preschoolers enjoy engaging in fantasy play together, imitating grown-up activities such as building or playing house. Physically they are becoming more independent and prefer doing things by themselves.

All about kids encourages this independence and aims to feed this curiosity. Our centre is designed to provide hands-on experiences where children can interact with one another, learning materials, ideas and events. We offer a wide variety of materials that are accessible to the children and that support a range of play experiences. Staff work and play along side them, supporting their interests and developing abilities.

Activity centres in the preschool room include:

The chart below describes developmental areas of our pre-school program and some of the exercises we use to strengthen them.

Developmental Area Activities & Exercises
Language Arts • Early Writing, Literacy (tracing letters)
• Reading, Comprehension, Name Recognition
• Sentence Structuring
• Sing Songs with Activities and Instruments
Math • Counting 1-20
• Measurement Skills
• Number Recognition
• Simple Addition and Subtraction
• Patterning
• Grouping and Sorting
Science • Experimentation with Mixing and Cooking
• Planting and Growing
• Life Cycles of Frogs, Caterpillars, Butterflies
• Exploring – Dinosaurs, Weather
• Textures – Sand, Rice, Cornmeal
• Themed Activities - Making a Swamp, Volcano
Social Science • Family & Relationships
• All About Me
• Community Helpers
• Special Needs in my Community
• My Friends

As part of our security policy, our centres are closed to the public. If you are interested in visiting one of our locations, we would be happy to book a tour with you. We also accept online childcare registrations at all of our childcare locations.

Head Office:
All About Kids
17 Cornell Meadows Avenue, Units 1-3
Markham ON  L6B 1B6

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