Toddler Program

18 months to 2.5 years

Children are very busy and very active during the toddler stage as motor skills are developing rapidly. With this new mobility and independence comes an even greater need to play with and explore the world around them. Part of this exploration will involve playing along–side and interacting with other children. As a result, social skills also develop quickly.

Toddlers begin to understand simple concepts such as “being gentle” and sharing. It is also through this social play that a child’s language and comprehension expands at an incredible rate.

Our toddler program offers:

The chart below describes developmental areas of our toddler program and some of the exercises we use to strengthen them.

Developmental Area Activities & Exercises
Language Arts • Learning the alphabet through songs, games, activities and books
• Repetition, letter of the week is reinforced through weekly theme based activities
• Teachers communicate in such a way to encourage correct pronunciation
Fine & Gross Motor • Dancing and moving to rhythm
• Parachute play, and balls
• Gluing, tracing, sticking, fine motor skills
Sensory • Introduction to using instruments
• Water and sand tables
• Taste, smells, textures
• Finger painting & goop
Math & Science • Counting 1-10
• Shapes activities
• Sorting by colour, size & texture
• Basic concepts, inc. feelings, body parts, weather, animals

As part of our security policy, our centres are closed to the public. If you are interested in visiting one of our locations, we would be happy to book a tour with you. We also accept online childcare registrations at all of our childcare locations.

Head Office:
All About Kids
17 Cornell Meadows Avenue, Units 1-3
Markham ON  L6B 1B6

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