Shape Scavenger Hunt

Shape Scavenger Hunt

Here is a fun little activity to play around the house! Search for objects that match these four common shapes and gather them on a table or blanket, sort them into piles and then count how many of each shape was found and fill in the activity sheet. Take a photo of your child’s collection and post it alongside their activity sheet on your fridge or bulletin board so they can see how well they did!

This is a great exercise for young children to learn shape recognition of objects they see every day. You can take this practice further by associating shapes throughout each day with simple verbal prompts like ‘What shapes do you see on the table?’ or ‘What shapes do you see in our backyard?’.

Shape recognition is a skill that begins around the age of 2 years, with a very basic understanding of shape, by the age of 3 children begin to recognize simple shapes like circles and squares. For example an orange, or a wheel being round – more complex shapes like triangles or octagons may be trickier and will need more practice! Shape recognition games that involve gathering, drawing and sorting shapes are ideal for Pre-schoolers between the age of 3 and 5!

Print out the activity sheet and start hunting!

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